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Event by Bologna FiereEvent by Bologna Fiere
24-25 Novembre 2018
Event by Bologna Fiere
Event by Bologna Fiere
  • Grande successo per Model Game 2015, grazie a tutti!

  • Gameplay Show, la grande novità 2015!

Dynamic model building

Model Game will represent all the specialist areas of radio-controlled model-making in specially constructed areas where, thanks to the collaboration of the Clubs and Associations, there will be demonstrations, competitions, races and free trials for newcomers and children.

Radio-controlled model Aeroplane construction

Everybody wishes they could fly!
Radio-controlled model aeroplane construction lets your dream come true! Precise reproduction scale models with perfectly functioning flight mechanisms designed to give you the real feelings of flying.
At Model Game you can attend events, demonstrations and exhibitions of radio-controlled electric model aircraft and helicopters thanks to the collaboration of the main production and distribution companies which will be co-managing the events in a specially set up flight area.

There will also be:

  • electric radio-controlled helicopters
  • electric radio-controlled aeroplanes
  • model rockets
  • indoor model demonstration areas with pilot displays
  • exhibition of models created by the participating associations
  • demonstrations of the construction technique of model aeroplanes, mould making etc.

Radio-controlled Model car construction

The exciting reality of model car construction has always engaged whole generations of enthusiasts, a phenomenon practically without age limits which over the last few years, thanks to the advent of increasingly powerful and precise electrical motors has been developing with significant means and power.

From the adrenalin-boosting radio-controlled cars to the increasingly technological car tracks for slot-cars, leaving room for the fantastic work vehicles, such as lorries, levellers, earth-movers, and the aggressive and bulky dynamic reproductions of the off-road vehicles. Without, of course, neglecting the diabolical and darting two-wheelers! And finally, a brush-stroke of rifle green for lovers of the military world, who can admire the realistic manoeuvres of model tanks and armoured vehicles.
IIn this model-making show, there will be many compelling things for the public to get involved in, so they can really feel the experience, albeit in miniature, the dreams they’ve always had hidden away… “motorised”!

Additions to the selection:

  • radio-controlled track cars and motorbikes, off-roaders, tourers, with electrical and explosion engines
  • static model cars
  • articulated lorries, lorries, radio-controlled armoured tanks, levellers, cranes, shifting vehicles
  • electric models on track
  • explosion engine cars on track
  • demonstration 4WD tracks also for public use
  • scalers & Crawlers area
  • drifting area
  • exhibition of models made by the participating associations

Radio-controlled Model boat building

Only the lack of seagulls crying will help you realise that what you are admiring is not actually real. At Model Game, inside a newly built huge tank, you can admire naval vessels exactly the same as the original ones. Military naval vessels, submersibles, racing ships, cargo ships, anything that can navigate will be there during the show days. In addition, there will be a small testing tank for our youngest enthusiasts who, accompanied step-by step by the professionals of the Model Boat Building Associations present, will experience the thrill of driving a radio-controlled naval vessel.

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