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Event by Bologna FiereEvent by Bologna Fiere
24-25 Novembre 2018
Event by Bologna Fiere
Event by Bologna Fiere
  • Grande successo per Model Game 2015, grazie a tutti!

  • Gameplay Show, la grande novità 2015!

Train model building

The game and the passion that become creativity.

The marvellous world of railway model-making which has always been the dream of whole generations is presented with its numerous features, with miniatures, backdrops, modular systems and scale model reproductions of existing or invented lines.

Old and modern trains with technical and scenographic elements, and fascinating backdrops.

The occasion/opportunity to look at them, buy them and find out more about them will be a guideline which will allow the public to delve into this world and learn the secrets and the best techniques to be able to recreate at home their own personal rail system, as well as being able to see historic material and publications.

On show there will be:

  • different scale models of electric trains
  • presence of the most important national and international producing and distributing companies
  • backdrops, modular systems and railway models
  • elements and tools for models
  • scale reconstructions of goods and passengers stations
  • backdrops of city areas with tramlines
  • industry companies and craftsmen
  • “Correct Circuit” Workshop to learn the techniques and tricks of the trade directly from expert model builders in the sector
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